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Birthday Party favors...

Let's chat about birthday party favors...like or dislike? I remember making my first party favor box for my son's 1st birthday party at the zoo. I bought the cutest zoo themed box and filled it will age appropriate party favors for his 1 year old guests..I absolutely loved making party favor bags, especially during his young ages..we have given party favors for every birthday, from boxes of goodies to bubble wands to plastic swords with eye patches...my question is, do parents like or dislike party favor bags? I will admit, some of the bags are filled with pretty useless items but it's the thought that counts of giving my child a gift for attending a celebration. So I am including a great article about the origins of party favors, which dates back hundreds of years and more great information. I will say, I always tried to pair our party favors with the party theme and if there isn't a theme, a baked good or a great candy bag is always a great party favor.