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When do kids stop wanting birthday parties?

I was recently out walking my dog when it dawned on me, we haven't been invited to a birthday party this year. I know, it's only February but when my son was younger,( he is now in 5th grade ) it seemed liked we had a birthday party every weekend. So when do kids stop having birthday parties? 

Well it seems the age is around middle school...I guess it's just not as cool to have a birthday party with all of your friends but rather sleepovers with a few besties or a game truck party, again with a smaller group of kids, but why...why not have a big celebration of you! Why not celebrate every year with a big birthday celebration...at least until you leave for college! 

I think everyone should celebrate their birthday however they want but when you are younger the more the merrier for fun and games and celebrating your fantastic life! Eat the cake and ice cream, open presents, have fun and enjoy your big day, besides if it were not for you, we wouldn't be celebrating that particular day!